Nina Kouprianova ☭🇷🇺

Nina Spencer (19 October ??, Soviet Union), also known as Nina Kouprianova and Nina Byzantina, is the anti-white Communist propagandist wife of Jew Richard Spencer.

Nina Spencer (19 October ??, Soviet Union), also known as Nina Kouprianova and Nina Byzantina, is the anti-white Communist propagandist wife of Jew Richard Spencer. They supposedly have one child together although no one seems to have ever seen either of them with her.

nina main pic.PNG


I believe she’s a National Bolshevik propagandist just like “her” effeminate husband.


richard spencer limp wrist fgt.gif


She promotes Communism, Marxism and Nationalism. Three systems create National Bolshevism (Nazbol).

nazbol 3                              National Bolshevism is a Nationalistic form of Communism

antifa                                              The Nazbol flag looks a lot like the ANTIFA flag

pure coincidence



richard spencer marx

Nina celebrates Victory Day, also called May Day, which is a holiday commemorating the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. The orange and black ribbon in the photo below is the Ribbon of Saint George: A symbol celebrating this victory.



Victory Day 4.PNG


Nina celebrates the murder and rape of Germans by the (((Bolsheviks))) all while married to today’s leading American white nationalist talking-head. Seems legit.

Further, we have need to speak of her ties to the anti-white propagandist and National Bolshevik Aleksandr Dugin. Aleksandr has been described as an occultist and lost his job as head of the sociology department at Moscow State University in 2014 after being accused of encouraging genocide. Thousands of people signed a petition calling for his removal after a rant in support of separatists in Ukraine in which he said, “kill, kill, kill.” Dugin seems to influence not only Russian thought but the politics of several other Nations, including Turkey.




Nina translated a work by Dugin, along with Paul Gottfried, the Jewish mind behind the Alt-Right movement, entitled Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning.


richard spencer wife dugin gottfried


dugin pepe tweetNina also shares Dugin’s propaganda to her roughly 20,000 twitter followers


Another of Dugin’s biggest fans is Richard Spencer. After Spencer broke away from Taki Magazine he formed his own webzine: The Alternative Right. Among the first contributors was Aleksandr Dugin.


spencer dugin.PNG


Spencer has also promoted Dugin and even spreads his Nazbol propaganda on Twitter.


richard-dugin  |


Aleksandr Dugin is an anti-white supporter of white genocide. Why does the leader of the Alt-Right and his wife promote him?

dugin antiwhite.jpgSource:

dugin anticosmic.PNG


Finally, the strongest evidence in this post proving neither Nina nor Richard deserve any role in the Alternative Right is their disgusting denial of the eternal truth of the #whitegenocide of Holodomor.



Nina Holodomor



My Opinion:

Nina Kouprianova is a white-hating National Bolshevik and member of the cult of Duginism, just like “her” husband, Richard Spencer.

richard spencer communist tie.pngNice tie!





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Author: Moarpheus

Anti-Zionist shitposter.

10 thoughts on “Nina Kouprianova ☭🇷🇺”

  1. I never knew the full background on Spencer and his wife. Actually, if only half of what you report here is true, they are still disgusting, no matter what. Anti-white racists and bigots, to be sure. The complete denial of the Holdomor, is inexcusable. Further, Dugins comment about white people, completely ignores the Jewish influence in the west. All of the things that he decries, are in fact, Jewish values not traditional western ones. He gives me the impression of being a Zionist Shill, as do both Spencer and his wife. Come to think of it, so does the NPI. Suffice it too say, that I got a good insight into these transgressive characters, and for that I have to say Thank You. 88!!

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  2. Yup, and still the fucking dummies don’t see it. His wife also loves that Chechyn Muslim scum, Ramzan Kadyrov. Spencer is a beta faggot. The guy gets hit, and runs to a cab after getting hit. You’d have to knock me out unconscious, to not run after the degenerate faggot that hit me. He’s also a total faggot. I can’t even listen to his faggish feminine voice. Great right up man.

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    1. spencer is a race traitor .nina kouprianova is a georgian /mongrel with significant (Mongoloid) Tatar admixture/ancestry. she look like a hispanic/mestiza woman


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