Tommy Robinson

tommy robinson MOSSAD

You should know the theme by now: He’s a Zionist. Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson, aka Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris (27 November 1982), is the leading anti-Islamism activist in Britain. He led the English Defense League (EDL), a Christian-Zionist organization, from 2009 to 2013 until he was convinced by the Quilliam think-tank to abandon the group and seek out alternative ways of tackling the Muslim problem. In 2015 he became active in Pegida UK. He now works for The Rebel Media and writes books.


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Tommy doesn’t outwardly identify as Alt-Right, but like Milo and Lauren Southern, he shares the same agenda and so it is necessary to expose him for the sake of England.


The Quilliam think-tank which influenced Tommy while in the EDL is a pro-Islam public relations group led by Majid Nawa and Ed Husain which promotes “Moderate Islam” and fights “far-right extremism” (white people who are tired of the lies). Tommy was paid thousands to leave the EDL and team up with Quilliam.

quillium press(left to right) Tommy Robinson, Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam Foundation and English Defence League co-founder Kevin Carroll, during a press conference at the Montague Hotel, central London, as they announce that they are to stand down from the EDL under the guidance of the Quilliam foundation

Quilliam has known Islamic terrorists on their payroll. So it seems while on the weekend Tommy fights the Islamic invaders, mon-fri he’s working with them.


Tommy has fallen out of favor with Quillium recently. Perhaps Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, Tommy’s new boss, offered him more money.


The trick being played against the People is simple: focus on fighting the Muslim migrants while you completely ignore the fact that it’s Zionists responsible for the crisis. If you believe Tommy is fighting to save England what motivation do you have to fight? Tommy will just do it for you. Only he isn’t. By not exposing the Zionists behind the migrant crisis, and by only attacking the migrants themselves, Tommy wastes everyones time. How can you stop the migrants from pouring into your country if you don’t acknowledge the cause? This strategy results in a needless war of civilizations by inspiring the hatred of Muslims by the English and the hatred of the English by Muslims. With the constant stream of anti-Muslim propaganda coupled with pro-Zionist propaganda, Tommy and those like him push the People to hate the weapon (Islamic militants) while embracing the wielder (Zionists). You should oppose both the cause and the effect. If we stop the Zionists we stop the migrant crisis. It’s that simple, and Tommy knows it. But if Tommy actually worked to stop the migrant crisis his bank account may quickly dry up. After all: if there’s no crisis there’s nothing to fight, right? And if there’s nothing to fight there’s no celebrity status. And without celebrity status there’s no book sales. England: You are being duped!

migrant jews

jews migrants


My Opinion:

Tommy Robinson is a Zionist Jew playing England for fools! If England wants salvation she must save herself.



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