Daniel Friberg

Daniel Friberg (27 November 1982) is the “S̶w̶e̶d̶i̶s̶h̶ Jewish mining tycoon bankrolling the Alt-Right’s global media empire” (IBTimes http://archive.is/HyNMQ). He is also the co-founder of AltRight.com. That’s right. The Alt-Right, like ANTIFA,  is financially supported by a Jew.

>inb4 Daniel isn’t a Jew

If this isn’t a Jew born of Scandinavian stock LARPING as a viking then I don’t know what is:

selfie 2

nordic altright


Maybe this is what they meant:



But.. maybe he’s not a Jew. Better check his last name…

ancestry name


Yet another ornamental surname used by Jews to hide their Jewishness! Spencer…Southern…Enoch’s “ex-wife”…I wonder who else is secretly a Jew (Anglin, Weev).

Daniel acquired his wealth through mining ventures. He now funds the Alt-Rights propaganda machine, largely by way of his publishing company Arktos Media (http://archive.is/Dwr8E). Arktos Media was founded in 2009 and has since become the world’s largest supplier of Alt-Right and Identitarian literature in the world (http://archive.is/wimml). Among its authors is none other than the Kabbalist himself: Aleksandr Dugin. And here is yet another Alt-Right leader connected to Dugin, and through Dugin, National Bolshevism. First we learned Spencer is connected to Dugin through his own early alternative right blog, then we learned Spencer’s wife is connected to Dugin being his translator, and now we learn the tycoon funding the Alt-Right is not only connected to Dugin but is his very publisher! It’s starting to look more and more like the Alt-Right is a PSYOP (psychological operation) to subvert American and European democracy.


Daniel also publishes Zionist agents like Guillaume Faye


Daniel is also a member of the Swedish right-wing think-tank Motpol. Motpol is another Duginist/NazBol (National Bolshevism) organization. Even on their website they vomit Duginist/Satanic rhetoric about chaos and the end of the world. https://motpol.nu/robertronngren/2017/08/06/kaos-ordning-och-panyttfodelse  | http://archive.is/23I1Y

Greg Johnson of Counter Current Publishing recently exposed Friberg as embezzling money from Arktos, his media company, after shareholders began complaining. Subsequently, Friberg was uninvited from speaking at the Scandza Forum, and would then dox and threaten it’s members.


Friberg is connected to ANTIFA. The photos below show him with the head of ANTIFA Sweden, Mathias Wåg.


When these photos were released Friberg attempted to down-play the implication by initiating maximum damage control mode:

damage control.PNGhttp://archive.is/zbHLx

merchant damage control

He claims he only took a photo with the leader of the ANTIFA Sweden because he was infiltrating the group and at great personal risk. Well that would make perfect sense were it not for the fact Daniel Friberg has been friends and associates with Mathias Wåg for years! Here they are on Twitter discussing Dugin’s ideas all the way back in 2014:

mathias wag convo


Daniel Friberg is a Jew who keeps company with the leaders of ANTIFA, supposedly doxes anyone who opposes him, is publisher of the anti-white Satanist Aleksandr Dugin, apparently embezzles money, and is the Eternal Merchant funding Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right with dirty money.


My Opinion:

Daniel Friberg is the Alt-Right’s George Soros.frisoros


Author: Moarpheus

Anti-Zionist shitposter.

7 thoughts on “Daniel Friberg”

      1. Awesome.

        It seems like Red Ice Radio followeed the same path as Jeff Rense: starting off with ‘new age’ topics, , crystals, ESP, ancient aliens etc, and then took a turn to the hard-right, focussing on politics, Islam, Jews and the like. The pattern is just too similar to be coincidental. I wouldnt’ be surprised if they had financial assistance from the same group of people behind the scenes.

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