Aleksandr Dugin

when the tikkun olam hits too hard

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin (7 January 1962) is the Russian political scientist and Satanist behind the National Bolshevik (Nazbol) movement in which Nina and Richard participate. Aleksandr has influenced several world governments and is even known as “Putin’s Rasputin.” He has met with everyone from Dr. David Duke to Steve Bannon and has played an enormous role in shaping the philosophy of the Alt-Right.

Dugin is arguably the leading figure within the Neo-Nazbol cult, having written it’s Bible, The Fourth Political TheoryThe 4PT is pseudo-intellectual Anti-Cosmic Satanism dressed in the garbs of Russian Nationalism which seeks to unite Russia, Europe and parts of Asia for the purpose of destroying America and the “Old World Order.”

The end times and the eschatological meaning of politics will not realize themselves on their own. We will wait for the end in vain. The end will never come if we wait for it, and it will never come if we do not. . . . If the Fourth Political Practice is not able to realize the end of times, then it would be invalid. The end of days should come, but it will not come by itself. This is a task, it is not a certainty. It is an active metaphysics. It is a practice.” – The Fourth Political Theory


dugin bolshevik party

Dugin leading the NazBol movement


dugin america destroy

America should be destroyed!

Dugin appears to practice a form of Satanism called Chaos-Gnosticism and also Anti-Cosmic Satanism. Among practitioners it is simply known as the Current 218. Although this theistic style of practice is less known than LaVeyan or atheistic Satanism, the Current 218 may hold more influence.

Founded in 1995 and based in Sweden, the Temple of the Black Light is responsible for promotion of Anti-Cosmic Satanism. First gaining ground in Sweden it spread with the black metal scene throughout Scandinavia and eventually to Russia where Dugin, already practicing “chaos magick,” likely picked it up. Its now becoming popular among edgy teens throughout Europe and America. The system is based on the Kabbalah and makes use of the demonic forces found upon the Tree of Life: a glyph used for meditation and ritual. Kabbalah, being a Jewish mystical tradition, basically teaches that man can re-unite with God by exploring his own inner consciousness through meditation and ritual based upon the Tree of Life glyph. However, they also believe demons lurk on the Tree and a person may descend into wickedness if selfish or corrupt of mind. When this happens, the person becomes a fallen creation: a Satanist (or “Black Brother – Magick Without Tears, Chapter XII, Aleister Crowley) who now works with the demonic forces to corrupt and destroy the whole of creation for the purpose of returning everything to primordial chaos, or as Dugin puts it, to “uproot the accursed Tree of Knowledge.” And Dugin express these beliefs often.

anticosmic 1



Anti-Cosmic Satanism is based in both Lurianic Kabbalah and Sabbateanism. Sabbateanism promotes the belief that the Jewish Messiah will come either when the world is entirely peaceful or entirely chaotic, thus sin which results in chaos should be embraced because world peace is impossible without Messiah. Pornography, warfare, pedophilia, degeneracy of every type should be embraced, they believe, until the Messiah is forced to appear and save the world. This is the belief system of the Elites. And this is the root of #PizzaGate. They’re bringing the world to the edge of annihilation before offering their solution.

kabbalah 2

Dugin writes on the Jewish Kabbalah



Dugin endorsing cannibalism


with Evgeny Golovin

Dugin with Geydar Dzhahidovich Dzhemal – founder and chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia


Why is this guy involved in the Alt-Right again?


spencer dugin



        Dugin (right) with leading White Nationalist Dr. David Duke (left)



My opinion:

Aleksandr Dugin is a Satanic Communist who hates America and Putin should feel embarrassed for having anything to do with him!

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