The information contained in this blog, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate. Until proven otherwise, nothing will be removed. If something is wrong, please provide evidence of the error and I will correct it and issue an apology.

The truth is not libel or slander, and I am prepared to defend these claims with the full stock of my research at whatever level taken.

I am operating within the’s Terms of Service and, more importantly, the Law. I am not releasing any private information but what’s already publicly available. Readers of this blog are provided with research and opinion, and are encouraged to do their own research and form their own opinions.

My intentions are simple, fair and perfectly ethical: I mean to destroy the Alt-Right using nothing more than the truth. But, not merely the Alt-Right, also ANTIFA and the entire plot concerning the current socio-political war.

I remind the readers: Violence is the stupid man’s force; he cannot think of a better solution! He offends his own character. Our war is fought on the battlefield of the mind; ideas and systems are put to the test until one remains. Do nothing violent or illegal in my name or because of my words. If you want to help, create and share dank maymays. Educate the people. Wake up the sleeping masses.

Whose saying the Alt-Right leaders are part of a Zionist/Communist plot? Maybe they’re unaware victims of manipulation; they deceive because they are deceived? I’ve considered this. Let them correct their mistakes by changing the message and I’ll gladly remove their listing.