Richard Spencer βœ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I can’t tell who’s Jewing who any more!

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Richard Bertrand Spencer was born May 11, 1978. His father, Dr. William Bertrand Spencer, also known as Rand Spencer, is a wealthy Ophthalmologist. His mother, Sherry Jean Dickenhorst, who along with Richard and his sister – Ashley Rein Spencer Leake – are landlords of 5,200 acres of cotton and corn fields in Louisiana. The Spencer’s farms are subsidized by the Federal government, and from 2008 through 2015, the Spencers received $2 million in U.S. farm subsidies. Richard Spencer lives with his parents in Whitefish Montana, in a 6,630 sqft mansion on a large lot. Richard uses both this address and his mother’s rental property as the address for his non-profit corporation the National Policy Institute (NPI). His sister Ashley is married to Sam Skillern Leake and they have two children: William and dadRichard Spencer’s parents: Sherry Dickenhorst and Rand Spencer

spencer-farmsΒ  Spencer family farms

A Serpent on the Tree

Richard Spencer’s ancestors come mostly from England, Germany and France, and the men in his family share an uncanny resemblance.


However, the few generations of strong Aryan stock only serves to camouflage the Jewish genes poisoning his mother’s side of the Spencer family tree. Sherry Spencer’s father, being Richard Spencer’s grandfather on his mom’s side, is Richard Dickenhorst (1923-2002). And his mother, being Richard Spencer’s great-grandmother, was Birdie M E Eckstein (1893-1972) – Jewish! Her father, being Richard Spencer’s great-great-grandfather, was August S. Eckstein (1859-1929) – also Jewish!

family-tree-jewRichard Spencer’s family tree allows you to find the Jew!

Eckstein is a Jewish ornamental surname of Yiddish/German origin.

spencer ecksteineckstein ancestryEckstein is a Jewish Surname

The Eckstein family is long steeped in Occultism and religion. Frederick Eckstein, for example, was a Jewish occultist and theosophist, worked for Sigmund Freud and was connected to the Templars and Freemasons. He died under suspicious circumstances. Frederick was married to Bertha Eckstein-Diener, also known as Helen Diner and Sir Galahad (author pseudonyms). Aside from occultist and theosophist, Bertha championed the feminist movement of her time, writing books on the subject, including Mothers and Amazons: The First Feminine History of Culture.

occultistFrederick and Bertha Eckstein

Based on his family tree, Richard Spencer is an Ashkenazim Jew from his mother’s side.

Tricky Dicky is married to Nina Kouprianova.

My Opinion:

Richard Spencer is a crypto-Jew!

richard spencer fucked up


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9 thoughts on “Richard Spencer βœ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ”

  1. Hello, I think I’m the only non-White reader on this board, commendable work. I am isolationist who completely believes the right of the White people to have their own ethno-state & identity protection. However, alt-right has taken the isolationist movement away from its original roots. Ever wonder how, the (((Ashkenazis))) are now sidelined from discussions, even from the alt-right websites and there is more focus on Muslims, Indians, Blacks etc. Also, what I always wondered about is that why would the WNs would take up Pepe, a semetic figurehead as a symbol of their movement when there are so many aesthetically better Roman & Greek gods. Also, specifically why (((Egyptian)))? You guys are doing great work here.

    Some other interesting stuff from (((Jewish))) sources, they aren’t even trying to hide the connections:

    Also, notice how, after the alt-right came in power, Stormfront, the website that was cynical of Jews & exposed Jewish lies got deactivated. I wonder what was the reason behind the (((alt-kike))) coup.

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